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Archive for September 2016

Start Preparing for the New Year Now

Happy New Year! You might be wondering why we’re saying this in October, and the answer is simple: the actions you take today will determine how great your 2017 will be.   Happy New Year! Why are we saying this in October? We are now in the fourth quarter and the effects of the activities…

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3 Benefits of Joining a Real Estate Team

Wondering whether to go solo as a real estate agent or join a team? Joining a team can afford you a few key freedoms and benefits you may not have considered.   If you’re on a real estate career path, you may be wondering whether you should list homes on your own or join a…

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6 Reasons Why Selling Your Home Alone Doesn’t Work

Here are six brutally honest reasons you cannot afford to sell your house on your own: You’re not thinking with your head. Remaining level-headed throughout a real estate transaction is hard because it’s a naturally emotional process. If a potential buyer comes into your house to take a look and offends your decorating style or…

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