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How Will Millennials Revolutionize the 2017 Housing Market?

Millennials are getting married and starting families, which means in 2017, they’ll make up a majority of the home buyers.

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Today we wanted to talk a little bit about the effect first-time millennial home buyers are expected to have on the 2017 real estate market.

In 2016, millennials only made up about 33% of all first-time home buyers. This year, that percentage is expected to rise all the way up to 52%. Not only that, but they’re also expected to make up more than half of the entire buying market.


“Millennials are expected to make up more than half of the entire buying market.”


Why is this generation expected to make such an enormous leap? They’re getting out of college, getting married, and starting families. Thus, they need homes to accommodate this lifestyle shift.

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